I was hanging out with a friend of mine one night and we were just chilling having a good time. Eating pizza and having a few drinks. We got a little drunk and started messing around with the camera and well… she started teasing while I took pictures, showing off her waist and cleavage. I just didn’t think she saw me in that way but then she walked up to me slowly and put her arms around my neck and in a low sexy voice she said “Do you like what you see?” before I could reply she pushed me onto a chair and sat on my lap. She pulled off my Jumper and my jeans and I peeled her out of her clothes. We were kissing and biting, clawing at each other’s backs before i took control and flipped her on her back, I spread her legs and ate her out till she had cum twice and I was pretty satisfied with that but she insisted on returning the favor. There was just something about the way she looked at me that drove my desire through the roof and her kiss was so rough but the sensation of being drunk softened everything just a little. She lead me to the bath tub and started to run the water, kissing me and jerking me off while she waited. As soon as it was high enough she pushed me in and went to get the camera, she then started blowing me off and II swear, the heat from the water stinging the red marks on my back and the feel of her lips wrapped around me was mind blowing, it was the best time I’ve ever had and i cant wait to see her again. I got some great photos too.

As I stepped out of my dorm I could smell the musty fragrance wafting in from the nearby woods intensified by the rain earlier. I was feeling good and wanted some excitement but I was stuck on campus so a friend and I decided to go to a big party at the nearby Terrace Apartments.

Shortly after we arrived I noticed someone I had wanted to get to know standing off to one side. So I walked over and started talking with her. Kathy was about 5’2, with straight dark hair, fair skin and pale blue eyes. I had seen her around for months but had not talked to her even though I had wanted to. At first she was quiet and shy but eventually she opened up and I found her charming and genuine with a good sense of humor. At one point when we were talking she touched my arm so I asked if she wanted to go outside and get some air. She agreed and we took our drinks and sat out on the front steps.

It was a warm evening and Kathy was wearing very little, a halter top, skimpy shorts and flip flops. Her bare shoulders, her legs, the way her breasts pushed out the thin material of her top, made it difficult to concentrate. All I could think about was kissing her pretty mouth. So before long I leaned in and we kissed, a soft, gentle kiss. Then Kathy surprised me by suggesting we go back to her room.

We walked a short distance to her dorm room that she shared with a roommate who, fortunately, was away for the weekend. As we entered her room Kathy lit a candle and turned off the bright overhead light leaving only the warm, yellow glow of the single candle. It was romantic even though there was no music and it was quiet except for the distant party noises. We sat on her bed and started kissing. I noticed how good she smelled, hormones, perfume, sweat, it didn’t matter, it was intoxicating. We kissed a long time, our passion growing from the warm, wet kisses.

Eventually I pulled her up onto the middle of the bed and put my right leg over hers reveling in the sensation of my body pressed against hers. I moved my hand slowly around her body and then to her breasts and began massaging them. Then I got up on my knees between her legs and lifted her up onto me, leaning her back slightly I began kissing her mouth, neck, and shoulders. I pushed up and off her thin shirt and threw it aside then her bra and my own shirt so my hands could devour her. I moved them aggressively, greedily over her body with my fingers spread so as to cover more of her. I buried my face in her chest and began kissing and sucking at her breasts, enjoying the taste and feel of her in my mouth. I felt as though no matter how much I kissed and caressed her warm flesh I could not get enough of her.

Finally, I leaned her back and slid off her shorts. And then, to my surprise, Kathy pushed me down and climbed on top straddling me and pressing herself against me. She began grinding herself on me which forced me to moan in torment and pleasure. No doubt sensing I would flip her over she unsnapped my jeans and pulled them off. She then knelt between my legs and started gently massaging the bulge in my shorts. I groaned loudly so she obligingly slid my shorts down freeing me. Then she wrapped her hands around me and began stroking. And then she bent forward and put her wet lips on me. I moaned while she expertly sucked and licking me. It was exquisite.

After a while I warned her I was going to cum so she could decide to continue or let me up to fuck her. But she kept on going. When she sensed I was close she lifted her head just enough for me to cum on her. Afterward she smiled which I found wildly exciting. She then wiped her face and lay down next to me putting her arm over my chest with her head on my shoulder. Soon we started kissing again and I moved my hand across her body down to her panties and between her legs. There I found she was very wet which excited and aroused me. With my fingers I moved the slight bit of cloth aside that covered her wet spot and started massaging her dipping one then two fingers inside her. I curled my fingers forward, stroking inside her. Then I brought my hand up to my mouth and licked my middle finger tasting her. Her smell and the feel of her soft, wetness made me hard again.

Wanting more I pulled her panties off and moved down between her legs and began to lick her, moving my tongue up and down her soft folds while she registered her pleasure with moans. Then I moved my tongue up to flick around her clit which caused her to produce the most beautiful and intense sounds.

Finally I rolled a condom on and knelt between her legs. I guided myself slowly inside her delicious, wetness. Then I lowered myself down and she put her hands on my back and hips feeling my muscles work as I thrust inside of her, again, and again, slowly at first then building with speed and vigor.

Finally Kathy’s body arched and she screamed and groaned as if in pain. Then I came too. Not like the first but satisfying in different, more primal way. The sounds and passion of Kathy had put me over the top. It was glorious. We lay back exhausted.


I’m in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 2.5 years. There are many hard things about being in a LDR, but going months without sex is definitely the hardest.

I was flying to visit him. He picked me up at the airport and told me he had a surprise for me when we got back to his apartment. We go up to his room. He told me to look into his bathroom. On the sink, there was a pink Victoria’s Secret bag. He told me to try it on and he shut the door. It was a beautiful white and black lace bra with a matching thong.

After putting on my outfit, I opened the door to an amazing surprise. He had about a dozen candles lit with soft music on. When he saw me, he smiled and said that I looked beautiful. So, I climbed on top of him. I took off his shirt. I’m running my fingers through his hair while he’s rubbing my thighs and kissing my body. He turns me onto my back and starts kissing around my bra. I felt him wrap his arms around my back and unhook my bra very easily. He starts playing with my nipples. His tongue is circling my areola and occasionally flicking my nipple. I start moaning like crazy. He took a break to take off my nice lace thong.

He pulls down his underwear, spits on his hand, and wets his dick. While he’s doing that, i’m kissing his neck and chest. Neither of us could wait to make love after months without seeing each other. I lay back down on my back and he climbs on top of me. He entered his penis very slowly. It was a shock. I never realized how much I missed his cock inside me. He’s slowly making love to me. He’s kissing my neck and whispering how much he loves me into my ear. After ten minutes of this, he finally whispered, ” I missed fucking you.” When he said that, I went crazy. He gradually went harder and harder. He was circling his hips while choking me. I realized that I needed doggy. Doggy is my favorite. So, I flipped over onto my knees and he came up behind me. I’ve never had doggy so hard. He’s pulling my hair, scratching my back, and smacking my ass. I was moaning loudly. I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth that I wanted to scream. He demanded that I cum for him. As soon as he said that, I did. He came while I was cumming too. It was perfect. Afterwards, we just laid down kissing each other and telling each other how in love we are. It was the most romantic night of my life.

One time my boyfriend and I were in his bed watching a movie. He started to trace his finger along my neck and collar bones. I flipped over so I could kiss him and it turned into a full on makeout session. He took my bra off under my shirt with one hand and flug it across the room. His hand was just about to go in my pants when his friends run in with no warning. He quickly jumps up and I sat up to say hello, although I was extremely annoyed. We talk for a minute and his friends went to get something in the kitchen. The next thing I knew he pulled me into his closet and locked the door. He ripped my pants off and shoved his fingers inside of me. My knees went weak and I almost collapsed but he held me up. I heard his friends walk back in the room and I tried to pull his hand away but that just made him go harder. Then he shoved his face in my pussy and licked and sucked all while his fingers were still inside me. It only took him a couple minutes before I was done. I know I made noise because his friends looked at us like they knew but no one said a word

One day my best friend came to Six Flags with my family and i. Majority of the day it was just me my sister and him walking around the overly crowded park; every time we stopped to wait in line for a ride I’d tease him simply because there was nothing he could do about it with my sister around. He has certain spots, ones that i can just barely touch and send him over the edge, and im ever the tease: id run my fingers down his spine, give a quick squeeze at his hips, and lean in as close as possible without touching him and breathe on his neck.It drove him crazy, and seeing him turned on combined with the sheer amount of people around was driving me crazy.

After a quick lunch we met up with my cousins and went round to “Thunder River” (this water ride we have).As we waited in line he hopped up on the rail and i leaned back between his legs just grazing his growing boner while he pulled my head back a tad by my hair. The tension just kept growing. As we got to the front of the line to finally get a tube he took a quick hard bite at my neck. My whole body tensed.

This continued all day, but skipping ahead to the near end, my cousins and siblings want to ride “The Batman”, i feign a headache and take a seat at a semi secluded dining area to be joined by my “concerned” friend. As i start to talk to fill the silence he leans in and kisses me to shut me up; a kiss between every word.we move to the dark corner outside of the giftshop to our left and i back him up against the wall, kissing and sucking at his neck as his hands find there way to my waist, were grinding on each other at this point and suddenly he breaks away from me and heads to the exit of the ride . In the dark we grope at each other, my hands find their way into his shorts and his lips quickly find my neck. His fingers running through my hair combined with my acute awareness of his arousal had me moaning his name as two women passed down the walkway. His hands on my skin, through my hair, our mutual air of desperation, as if we needed each other right then and there. That’s what works me up.

We were both at our friend’s house, but she had left to go to work and we were stuck in her room with the door open because her parents were home, and we didn’t want anyone to assume anything. We played on the computer, and teased each other by rubbing each other’s legs and pecking. The mom left, and she was the only one who was really walking around the house. The dad was outside doing yard work or something, so it was just me and him in the house. I checked for the mom, and he checked for the dad. We settled in the bed, and we started kissing. He trailed his fingers along my side before he wrapped his arms around my waist. I whispered how much I wanted him as I trailed kisses along his neck. He groaned, and admitted he really wanted too as well, but he didn’t want to get caught in such a precarious situation. I whimpered and pleaded. He still refused until I asked him to touch me, and his fingers teased my clit until he applied pressure and rubbed in languid circles. I was so wet, my panties were drenched. I rubbed against his erection, and pulled off my shorts.I nipped at his neck, I grabbed at his pants, pulling them downward enough for me to get my hand wrapped around his length and started jacking him off. He pressed his body closer to mine, and I asked if that felt good. He nodded. Finally, he agreed when I told him I wanted him inside of me right now. I was so wet from all the foreplay. He thrusted upward, and he was inside me, groaning. Told me how wet I was, and kept thrusting. Occasionally, he’d slip out and then he’d start the no no no we shouldn’t, but I’d grind downward and he’d be inside of me and all he could do is groan at how wet I was.We weren’t wearing a condom, so he didn’t get to finish, but I did. And he’ll definitely finish next time ;)

Today I went to my boyfriends house after not seeing him for two long weeks where in-between we were having conversations about what we were going to do with each other(which lead me to being wet.)

So as we were watching a comedy movie all snuggled up at his house i decide to bury myself in his neck which lead to kissing and the occasional nibble. Half way through I stopped to check my phone but to my surprise when I turn back around I was being pushed the bed with my pants ripped off and he was slowly going down on me, teasing me on the way. Before he got started he got me excited by rubbing my pussy and telling me how wet I’m going to be. The amazing sensation he created using his skillful tongue and finger tricks was unforgettable.

We had a little break until he straddled me on top of him(bearing in mine we just had underwear on) and started grinding which lead us to the best sex we’ve had. It was my first time being on top but by judging was I saw, I think I did good.

So my boyfriend and I haven’t had sex in a week (Between work and my time of the month) So yesterday I went over to his house to get my bathing suit, and when I walked in he was pinned me up against the door and started kissing my neck. He started talking dirty in my ear, and he slowly moved his hands down and pushed my dress up, he then rubbed up my thighs and just across my pussy. Then he turned me around and used his hair tie to tie my hands behind my back, he then threw me on his couch and ripped off my underwear, before I could speak he kissed me and we started to make out. Naturally I was wet and turned on, so he started to finger me and I was moaning he kept saying how wet I was and how he was going to take care of it. He kissed my neck and my boobs and my tummy. He started to bit my thighs and kiss and lick them. He started teasing me with his tongue, I begged and he finally started to eat me out. But he stopped and shoved his dick in my mouth and made me suck. He then forced me on knees and fucked me from behind. When we both finished he untied me and he picked me up and put me in the shower with him.
The Day before i went to his house, we had been fighting alot and he said we needed to talk. So I drove over to his house and we walked to a park and I was fully expecting him to break up with me. However, we began to talk it out and walk back to his house. We were walking kinda spaced out from eachother so i playfully shove him like we do and smile a crooked smile at him and soften my big hazel eyes. He looks at me and immediately hugs me from behind, just standing in that embrace for a few seconds before walking on.
We get back to his house and go up to his room and shut the door so his parents don’t come in and surprise us. He grabs his computer and places it on a TV tray and we lie on his bed, spooning. About 20 minutes into the movie, he starts gently caressing my neck and behind my ear with the back of his fingers and i start to close my eyes and respond by swaying my head with the motions of his hands. He Moves his fingers across my jawline and turns my head and we lean in for a kiss as he positions his hand down my spine and up my shirt and splays his hand firmly against my back. As the kiss gets longer, it intensifies and becomes harder and more passionate. I turn over to my side, facing him, and put my free hand on the back of his neck, clawing at the nape of his neck and his scalp. He moves his free hand from under my shirt to my waist and down to my ass as he pulls down my shorts and underwear, to my thighs and slips his hand between my legs and starts fingering me and massaging my clit. I lift up and hook my leg around his and he puts his hand further in and slips two of his long, slender fingers in my slit and slowly starts sliding them in and out.
I start moving my hips because I couldn’t help not to. My hand travels from the back of his neck to his chest and grips his shirt tightly and I kiss him hard. Then down to his stomach and on to his huge bulge. He’s so hard and I begin stroking him through his loose basketball shorts. I start stroking him at the same speed hes fingering me: When he speeds up, I speed up. He slows down, I slow down.
But soon, I start rubbing my hand on his dick faster than I had been and his breathing gets really choppy and he starts moaning. He can barely finger me anymore, let alone kiss me. I go a bit faster and his moans get more close together and he lifts up his head a little bit and I slow down as i feel him collapse completely and I feel his pants get a little warmer and more damp in one spot. He came so hard for me.
In his collapsed state, eyes closed, mouth half open, still breathing shallowly but heavily. I kiss his lips and cheek and neck as he lay there.
I buttoned my pants back up, and after he became semi-conscious, he walked (strangely) to his closet to change shorts and boxers, and we watched the last ten minutes of the movie.
It was probably the best make-up session after almost a week of fighting that I’ve ever had ;)
I was with my boyfriend of two and a half years a few days ago, finally a day where I was with him the entire day because he works a lot. That morning, I woke up turned on from a dream I had about us; so from there, I wanted him. I got a shower, got ready and headed to his house. I told him about this sexy dream I had and he smiled that kind of smile guys do when they know they’re going to make love to you. It was about 1 in the afternoon; his mom was working and his dad went over to their neighbors house to sit on the porch, talk and have a few cigarettes like they usually do in the summer. We were laying down on his bed and he began to make out with me; this turns me on instantly. He pushes my shirt up just enough to softly rub his hands on my hips, squeezing them and pulling me closer to him. As my body reaches his, I could feel that he was hard in his jeans; I smiled through our kisses and he did back. I unbutton his jeans, and he does the same with mine. He steps on the floor, swiftly turning my body so that I’m laying along the width of the bed rather than the length of the bed. He lifts me, pulling my shirt off and removing my bra; I pull his shirt off and push his boxers down with my thumbs along the waistband. Because we are only 18-19 years of age and still young, we’re safe with sex; he grabs a condom and puts it on. He slowly pushes himself into me, and I close my eyes and groan with pleasure. He pulls my body close to him, to where my butt is hanging slightly off the edge, and he pushes in again. Now to pause the story for a moment, there is something I’ve been waiting for him to do while we have sex and he’s never done it before. I’m not going to lie, I’ve seen it on my Tumblr dashboard from a guy who re-blogs sex GIFS. When I saw it, my first thought was “I have to try this with him!”. Anyway, as we continue to do what we’re doing, he finally does it. He wraps his hands around my waist and holds onto my butt and lifts me up, leaving my back and my head on the bed. My back was arched and to help him, I put my hands on my lower back and pushed up, leaving my upper back and my head laying on the bed. I was absolutely amazed at how sexy this was and that might have been the best sex we’ve had. My longing desire for him to do that to me was finally reality.
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